We've had many requests for a Silicon/Silica supplement product. While we'd love to be able to incorporate silica into our supplements, we've found that the dry material appears to be less bio-available than our liquid source. 

OrthoPur is safe and easy to use. In fact, I use it myself every day. I simply add a tablespoon to my drinking water. There's no odor, no taste and no acidity to concern yourself with. The pH is right around 7.9. Add it to your horse's daily ration, and they'll never know it's there. It can be added to water if you prefer--just make sure they consume it! Silica helps to provide connective tissue support and supports healthy bones, healthy coat and more... I hope you'll give our OrthoPur Si a try. It is truly the highest quality silica source you'll find with absolutely remarkable bio-availability! Give it a try!

OrthoPur SI


    Each 15 ml dose (½ ounce) will provide 375 mg of the highest quality liquid bioavailable silica. Provide a 15 ml dose (½ ounce) twice per day.

    Shake thoroughly. Open cap on measuring chamber ¼ - ½ turn. Gently squeeze bottle with both hands until the liquid reaches the ½ ounce mark. Remove cap, drizzle onto feed. Mix thoroughly. Replace cap & tighten.


    Purified Water, Biologically Active Silica (Orthosilicic Acid)

  • rthoPur Si needs to be protected from freezing.  From November 1st through April 1st, all OrthoPur orders will ship on Monday to ensure that the product reaches its destination without a weekend hold-over on a truck or in a UPS warehouse.  In situations where weather is deemed to be extreme, we may elect to delay shipment until such time that weather conditions look more favorable.  Expedited shipping is available at an additional charge.  If you would like to expedite shipping, please call HorseTech at 1-800-831-3309.