Just like our Original Muck Shoe (the Daily Garden Shoe), the Edgewater Camp shoe is designed to fit like, and provide the comfort level, of a high quality athletic shoe. In addition, the Edgewater Camp shoe features a unique AirMesh liner to help keep your feet more comfortable in a wider range of climates and conditions. You'll be comfortable in 85 degree heat and sub zero cold--without sweaty feet and uncomfortable heat build-up! Finally, a waterproof rubber shoe that breathes! A "Heavier" Built Shoe... 

The materials used to construct the Edgewater camp shoe are similar to those used in the original Muck Daily Lawn and Garden Shoe--just more of it! You'll see that there's more rubber in the instep, heel and toe areas. This, plus the additional breathable liners, add a bit more heft to the Edgewater Camp Shoe. How much more...? Well, we threw a women's size eight on the scale and found that the Edgewater Camp Shoe weighed in at about 100 grams more than the Original Muck Shoe (ab