Several years ago, HorseTech started selling several canine products as part of our PupSup Products line. PupSup canine products are made right here in Laurens, Iowa--just like the HorseTech equine supplements that you've used for over a decade.

Made with our signature base of milled flaxseed and yeast culture, PupSup's Canine Probiotic provides a daily dose of live, viable, beneficial bacteria for digestive support. These beneficial strains support normal digestive function, maintaining proper gut flora and pH! Pup Sup's Canine Probiotic now contains PreBo, a source of oligosaccharides (fructooligosaccharides and mannanoligosaccharides), too! 

Guaranteed levels of beneficial cultures PreBoTM package featuring Fructooligosaccharides & Mannanoligosaccharides 

Carefully selected cultures specifically for canine use 

Viability of cultures is guaranteed 

Veggie/Beef flavoring--highly palatable

Free Shipping 

100% Full-Satisfaction Guarantee


  • For canine use only to provide digestive support.

    Use after a course of antibiotic therapy to "replenish" beneficial microorganisms. Helpful for dogs encountering stressful situations--boarding, travel/transit, etc. Suggested for dogs/puppies with occasional loose stools. Safe for long term daily use.

    Administer to larger breeds at the rate of 10 grams per day (one level 20 cc scoop).

    Medium-sized breeds should receive approximately 1/2 scoop (5 grams) per day.

    For small breeds, provide approximately 1/4 scoop (2.5 grams) per day.

    For canine use only. Keep out of reach of other species and children. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

    If animal's condition worsens, or does not improve, stop administration and consult your veterinarian.

    Questions? Please call (800) 831-3309


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