Disclaimer:   If you would like to see more reviews from more recent clients you can do so here @ https://www.facebook.com/pg/norrishorsemanship/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Amanda Spillers Jordan — Dustin did an awesome job with my Ducky. I couldn't have asked for anything more! I would highly recommend Norris Horsemanship to anyone looking for a trainer, and I am very hard to please. I don't just send my horses to anyone!

Beth Solmson — I would like to publicly thank Norris Horsemanship, Dustin Norris, for starting our 10 year old mare Moon Dancer. Yes, I said 10 years old! She is a very sweet, well mannered and well bred quarter horse mare that has never had a person, saddle or even a blanket on her back! In less than three months Norris Horsemanship has gotten her not just green broke, but ready to be finished! She had her first evaluation with Jossie Neal this morning. Dancer has a great turn and an even better stop. Dancer responded to all of the cues from Jossie's body, no whip and no spurs! She has a smooth trot and a smooth beautiful lope, canter! Molly has a new barrel horse to train and we could not be be happier! I would recommend Norris Horsemanship to anyone looking to break a horse! If you want to bring home a horse that is ready to ride, that's who you should call!

Jennifer Alexis Barkhimer —  The experience I had with Norris Horsemanship was superb! I sent two horses to Norris Horsmanship, a 2 y/o filly and a 3 y/o gelding. When they came to pick the filly up you could barely put your hands on her. She was terrified of everything and had never been handled. We had to really work to get her into the trailer. By the time they brought her back I could do anything with her. She flexed, picked up all four feet, took a saddle, backed up, loaded with no problem, an I even jumped right on her and went to riding her with no problem. After Norris Horsemanship, she came home a totally different horse, a horse I could do whatever I wanted to with. As for the gelding, he hadn't known much either. Since we sent him to Norris Horsemanship I can catch him any time and ride him off with no problem. Dustin Norris and Tina Norris use gentle methods that encourages the horse to understand what they're asking, unlike other trainers who choose to terrify a horse to get them to do what they ask. I am very pleased with my experience with Norris Horsemanship, and from now on I would send any of my horses to them. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Dustin and Tina are very kind people, and they are very willing to work with you. I can assure that during the time your horse is away, they will be very well taken care of and come back healthy, fit, and ready to go. Don't miss out on Norris Horsemanship!!!

Danielle Clack — Hardworking and honest folks my mare will be going back in the spring! The only trainer I'll ever be using!!!

Lyric Stidman — I want to give a big thanks to Norris Horsemanship they have done an excellent job with my horse. She has came a very long way since she has been there. You have done a great job with her, I really appreciate it!!

Linda Howland Garcia — These people are awesome and easy to work with. They love the animals and they love their work.

Crystal Buffington Green — They took my horse tiny. That was afraid to load and got him loading so easy. Also fixed a few riding issues we had. Love the way they train. Would recommend them to everyone.

Kadi Landry LeBlanc-  They are the easiest,funnest,knowledable,courteous and loving folks I have come across in a while in this business . We train ourselves but had a family heirloom that we couldn't be stern enough with . Dustin helped no questions asked . No rude comments or anything like some ppl now a days would do. Got our guy right where we want him and instructed what we may do to keep him from acting up. Not to mention my guy looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger when we picked him up. Very well cared for while their there just like we would at home that helps u be able to relax for sure. Their daughter is so precious I love seeing children at her age being raised up like that it warms my heart. I would definitely love to think of them as friends and see them again sometime . !!

Jeremy L. Sumner-  Dustin did a Great job with my horse. Very professional

Billy Cockrel-  They took really good care of my horse. Dustin did a great job and uses very humane training techniques that work. I was able to visit during training sessions to see progress and the process. Norris Horsemanship did exactly what I paid for and then some. I'm very happy with the results. Lena went there with very little training and came home completely started, riding, reigning, standing tied, stands to be ferried, accepts bit well, allows bathing (which she was terrified of water hose before), loads and unloads. I'm sure I'm leaving out something, but all the basics. I would recommend Norris Horsemanship!

Jaleina Farrell Dauzat

I highly recommend Norris Horsemanship! They fulfilled everything that I asked of them with a happy confident attitude. They communicate with the owner about everything involving your horse and its training. Great people, that I'm glad to now call my friends.

Tiffany Jonathan Murphy 

August 27 at 7:04am · 

Good honest family. If anyone has a horse that needs any kind of work I highly recommend them.

Jan-marie Holifield 

October 8 at 9:40pm · 

I have a 3 yo gelding there now. And I am kept well informed of his progress and health. They are exceptional people very honest they don't have a million dollar set up.. but they have something money can't buy and that's the love of horses and training methods that don't break the horses personality.. I can't wait to get my lil man back. And I will be sending another. I highly recommend Norris Horsemanship

Jennifer Jennings Wall — Very good people. Treated our Cash like he was their own. All we asked for and more than was expected. Will definitely be back!

Michael Brandon Wall — Thanks for the good work. Everything I asked for and more.

Amy Spells — Dustin is an awesome trainer. He took our 2 yr old rescue filly, that had never even been halter broke. Literally she knew nothing, you couldn't even catch her. And after 60 days, she is a different horse!!!! She comes to you, she loads, she ties, she lunges, she will take a bit and drive, she is fine under a saddle. She is not al all spooky, and before she would tear the barn down trying to get away!! She now has manners, and a new attitude !!! He actually takes the time to train them , NOT beat them into submission !!! We just sent down another young one for Mr. Norris to work with , and I am sure we will get the same results .:) I am SOLD WE WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER TRAINER!! I would recommend Mr. Dustin Norris to anyone , not sayin he's a miracle worker but pretty darn close... Thank you Dustin Norris and Tina Black Norris for bringing us back a safe horse we are no longer scared of !!! God bless you, you have a gift!!!

Amy Spells 
Camden, Arkansas

Makayla Shows — I bought a horse from Dustin on Saturday, his name is Tank. I think he is going to be a wonderful horse. Dustin was very helpful and even came to my home the next day to give me some riding tips. I am even going to take lessons and possibly board Tank at his place. He is a great trainer and i'm glad I found Tank and him. I've only had Tank for only 2 days and I already love him!!

Jane Nonducor Duco Pierce — Dustin and Tina are great, down to earth folks that are more than willing to work with you and your needs for your horse and they treat them as if they were their own. I took one of my ponies to them who was green and unsure of himself and after spending a couple of weeks, he was SO much quieter and relaxed. On the way up he had been a nervous wreck in the trailer and I had to stop twice to get his front feet out of the tray! on the ride home, you never wouldve known he was back there- not a peep. I highly recommend Norris Horsemanship for all your training needs and I was impressed with their professionalism and the desire to provide quality services.

Robert Strickland — Had a great experience with this family , done wonderful work with the horses , kept me well informed on progress and health of horses, would recommend to anyone!

Alicia Trissler=  Took my horse in for a 2 week tune up. Charlie was already broke and trained, but had a few issues. Norris Horsemanship worked him through them. One really nice thing was Dustin did not try to retrain the cues that Charlie already had, just fine tuned them. Thanks for the good care you gave my boy!

Norris Horsemanship does not have a fancy arena or expensive setup. What they do have, is the love of horses, the ability to whisper in their ears and train these beautiful beasts, and the downhome hospitality to treat strangers as long lost friends. My husband and I rescued a beautiful 5 year old gelding that we nursed back to health and sent to several people to be trained with discouraging advice to sell him. We found Dustin and Tina by googling horse training and liked what we saw. We are very pleased with the expertise and professionalism shown to not only us, but our big equine baby as well. Bocephus respected Dustin and did everything asked of him in an effort to please. If you are looking for super nice people with honest work ethics and also treat your animals well, look no further. You've found the best!

Shane and Wendy Dye 
Farmerville, La.

Darrell Mckoin 

October 13 at 9:12pm · 

Well if it wasn't for Dustin I would not be riding my horse right now.
I can say I am very impressed with Dustin. Flash has been under several trainers and had some issues with flipping over backwards. He really researches and tries to figure out different solutions to fix the problems. We were glad to see he is really patient and not old school with dealing with horses. I would suggest everyone do their homework when choosing a trainer and choose someone that keeps you up to date on all the work done.Too many trainers just tell you they have done the job but have not. I would highly recommend Dustin as a trainer.

Darrell and Clara McKoin

Paula Stanford -December 22, 2016 · 

Love this family and love how my horses are developing!!!!!

Tammy Fulmer Sanders 

December 20, 2016 · 

We brought our 3 year old snowflake to Dustin, Tina & Chloe Norris and they done an awesome job. They are kind and respectful of the horses . They truly have a love for the horses. .I would recommend taking your horse to this family . They even call and check on them after they leave their care . they are awesome people . thanks for all you do ..

Mayna Taylor Yancey 

November 16, 2016 · 

Norris Horsemanship is not one of those fancy trainer places, but the one thing they do have is the love for what they do. They truly care about your horse and want to make sure they are successful. They do not “break” the horse they earn trust and give the horse confidence. They have trained 2 of mine, one was most certainly a challenge. They worked to find out what his issues where and were able to work thru them, my Tenn is a new man. They always keep you informed on the progress and when you talk to them it’s like talking to a friend. They have a true love for Horsemanship and the Horse! With them it is not at all about how fast can we get one out and a new one in. May God continue to bless them in all they do.

A few more shout outs!!

Shannon Radtke-Hautala- Amazing horseman that truly takes the time to understand each horse. His communication style creates a clear trusting relationship and a solid training foundation.

Steven Little — Great young man of God reaching out to help others keep up the good work cuz love you man.

Kathysmith Clack —  I love to see the compassion and loving that these horses get...I also see that the horse loves the horseowner when he performs outstanding! Also love seeing teaching the little ones to be cowboys early....#memories for life#nextgeneration

Riley Spillers — They are real good,sweet people. There's a time to play and a time to be serious. All in all I love them

Kendrick Williams — They are nice

Misty Tate Bourgeois — Absolutely Amazing!!!!

Cheryl Turbeville -

They are super nice and really care about the horses. He produces good results.