Back in 1999, we started making HorseTech supplements in a small office with a manually-powered mixer.  We were about as small as a small company could possibly be. Every product was hand weighed, hand packaged and shipped the day that it was made along with a bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies and a hand-written "thank you" on the box.  Today, we're quite a bit bigger, but we're still family owned and we still think of ourselves as small-in a humble sort of way. To this day you still get supplements made by us, just in a bigger mixer, you still get your bag of cookies and you still get that nice hand-written "thank you" on your box! If it weren't for customers like you, we'd most likely still be using that old hand mixer! 

HorseTech is located in Laurens, Iowa. A small town in Northwest Iowa. We pride ourselves on our awesome supplements and our amazing service! When you call us, you will not get a recorded voice with options to push a button to get to an actual human, you get one of our friendly customer care specialists right from the start! If for some reason you find yourself not 100% satisfied with our product we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Our customers also love our FREE SHIPPING! Not the kind of "free shipping" that requires a minimum purchase - it's simply FREE on all orders shipping to the contiguous 48 states, no matter if you spend $20 or $250! Pretty awesome!

Thank you for doing business with HorseTech-your small-town supplement company!


Rod Johnson