Horse training programs we offer:


        *Tune ups (barrel horses, reining horses, etc) 

*Colt Starting program  (All breeds of horses)          *Cart pulling program

*Foal school

About Us

Hi we thank you for taking a moment out of your day to get to know us and see what our company is about.  We are a family of 3 and all do our part in the business to keep it running smoothly.  I, Tina, do the business side, snap some shots of training, and handle the financial side.  The trainer, Dustin, and his assistant Chloe, our daughter, work with the horses.  Dustin allows his horses to settle in to the new place upon their arrival.  There are lots of things changing on them in such a short amount of time.  Once the horse settles in then the introduction sessions start and he gets to know the horse and how it moves and gets in "the horses head" to come up with a training plan for it.  After that he can really start building a relationship with the horse and teach it the answers to the questions he is going to ask it when it really matters.  If you don't teach the answers how are you to expect it to know what to do when your asking them?  We started training horses for the public back in 2011.  Dustin gets asked by many what horse trainer does he follow or what does his training program consist of.  To answer honestly, there is no one true answer.  Each horse is individual and therefore each program must be tailored specifically to that particular horse.  However, no matter the method what he can promise is that each horse gets his patience.  He takes time with each horse and establishes a bond and an evaluation based on the horses body language and personality.  He will not flood a horse.  Another one of his key factors is groundwork.  Groundwork is very crucial when establishing a riding foundation.  He can teach each horse everything it needs to know on the ground first before he ever steps up on it.  He also has a great training tool called the Ardall safety rider that also allows him to introduce a rider upon the horses back before he ever steps up on it.  This is that extra step that sits our training aside from the rest.  By the time the first ride gets upon us there are no worries from him or the horse.  There are some exceptions however, some horses that take a little extra time and evaluations and we have a special needs program for that.  When booking with us you can sleep well knowing your horse is in good hands and will get every bit of training you pay for.  You pay for days with us.  Any day the horse doesn't get worked doesn't count toward the days you pay for.  It can sometimes take 45 days to get a full 30 working days in.  All fees include hay, training everyday weather permits, and individual turn out pen.  You provide your feed and stall shavings should you want them.  Your horse is handled often in a secure small environment in hopes of exposing them to lots of different desensitizing scenarios.  We encourage owner involvement during the horses stay with us also.  We understand that we do get clients that live a ways away and to handle that you are welcome to message or call and speak with us about your horse and the progress it is making.  When able I will also have videos and pictures to provide the owners.    

      That about sums up the about us.  Horses are our lives!  We live, sleep, study, and breath horses.  We would love for you to join our horse family and become a part of Norris Horsemanship.  We want to thank you for checking us out and getting to know us.  Should you want to follow us further feel free to join Norris Horsemanship on fb and also follow us on our personal pages, Dustin Norris and Tina Black Norris.  We are all about safer riders and happier horses.  May God bless and Happy Riding!!!