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Welcome to Norris Horsemanship's home page.  Please feel free to get to know us in our about section and through our picture gallery.  Also don't forget to check out our amazing companies subpages and their equine products they offer.  Thanks for getting to know us and we look forward to being a part of you and your horses life.  Happy Riding!

 Colt starting, tune-ups, troubled horses

Horseback riding lessons

How to train your own horse sessions 

Overnight Horse Boarding


We are having a client draw for 3 horse training spots. There are 50 spots to pick from at $40 a spot. We will do a live facebook draw on my random draw app after all spots are filled. First draw will win a 90 day horse training spot at Norris Horsemanship valued at $1950 (studs welcome). We are making this draw extra special and adding in a 2nd and 3rd draw. 2nd draw will win 30 days valued at $650 (studs welcome), 3rd draw will win 2 weeks valued at $350 (studs again are welcome)! If you want a spot(s) just head over to our facebook page and comment on our client draw post.  Or you can live chat message me on this website and I can let you know which numbers are available and also email you the draw results.  

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 (318)974-3118 or (318)381-9261

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